Insects such as; wasp & bees can quickly cause structural damage, bodily injury or even death!

It's our job to prevent these things from happening! Not only will we eradicate these particular insects , we will also take preventive action to keep them away!

  So don't take the risk by putting up with these intruders and give us a call today, so we can help make your home or business a safer place to dwell!

We offer complete CHEMICAL INSECTICIDE FREE solutions that are guarantied with warrantied results!

Keeping you, your family, pets, livestock and gardens completely safe & healthy from cancerous chemicals!

Our Expertise

  • Wasp/Hornet Removal/Prevention

  • Bumble Bee Removal/Prevention

  • Carpenter Bee Removal/Prevention

  • Honey Bee Removal/Prevention

  • Killer Bee Removal/Prevention

  • 24 Yrs. Carpentry Exp.

Area Of Service