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Certain insects can quickly cause structural damage, bodily injury or even death!

It's our job to prevent this from happening! Not only will we eradicate these particular insects , we will also take preventive action to keep them away!

  So don't take the risk by putting up with these intruders and give us a call today, so we can help make your home or business a safer place to dwell!

Take control today and sting back!

Give us a call today, so we can make your home or business a much safer place without breaking the bank!

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After calling several pest control companies and being told that nothing more could be done to control a wasp problem, I stumbled upon Preventive Strike through Yelp. As a public relations professional being told "there's nothing more we can do" isn't a response I would recommend to any client. Preventive Strike was able to come out same day and took the time to not only find the problem but solve it as well. I wish I had known about them earlier. Customer service and going the extra mile is clearly a priority for them.

Ashley B.      Daphne, AL

Having a wasp nest (yellow jackets) in our attic was not what I was expecting when I went up there to put some things away. I was stung twice on the arm and that's all it took to convince me, they had to go! I called 2 other pest control companies who told me "they don't service wasp nest". I found Preventive Strike online and he came out and removed the nest like it was nothing. On top of that, he sprayed the whole attic for no extra charge! All I can say is; nice guy, great price and fast method of handling the wasp! 

Debbie T.      Spanish Fort, AL